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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog migration to a new location

Please continue to follow this blog at our new Cosmetic Procedures-Patient Experience Blog site.

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Real Cosmetic Surgery said...

Thank you! I am the one who started this blog as a patient of Dr. Macdonald and now manage it.. This is a real cosmetic surgery and procedure blog geared toward telling the honest and detailed story of a patient’s recovery after cosmetic surgeries and/or procedures. In addition, I research the industry for interesting additions to our patient’s experiences and include other useful information regarding services (and promotions) offered through Dr. Macdonald’s practice.

I'm so glad you enjoyed... Please continue to follow on the new site :)

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Dominic Tucks said...

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I'll be checking you on your new site. Thanks. :)

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Real Cosmetic Surgery said...

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Real Cosmetic Surgery said...

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